As a bushcrafter and knife enthusiast, I'm pretty fussy on the tools I choose to buy. I've spent a lot of hard earned cash on buying fixed blades and folders over the past 30 or so years. Much of the time biting the bullet and hoping that a purchase is going to last and serve me well, without being able to test it or have an honest review on a product beforehand.

Some time ago, I saw advertised on BCUK (Bushcraftuk - a forum), a "maker" advertising some neck knives and a friction folder for sale. At first my initial impressions were that the knives looked solid, built to take some abuse and were pleasing to the eye also. I took a chance and decided to buy one, firstly the friction folder. When it arrived I was so pleased that I had received it. It was a great looking folder with a beefy blade which was hair popping sharp. Not only that but the tolerances were right up there with the more well known brands/makers, the ones which you can pay several times more than what I can afford. Over the next couple of weeks I had tested it out doing everyday tasks from opening packages, cutting cardboard boxes for the recycling, and generally having it as my edc knife. I also used it for a whole couple of days bushcrafting, from making a friction fire set, feather sticks and the like. It took a good amount of beating and held up exceptionally well. I stropped it after use and it maintained its edge.

With this in mind I went on to purchase my neck knife from Jason who I got in contact with as I wanted an additional kydex sheath. He was very helpful and made me one to my liking in my choice of colour. Needless to say that my necker has become a firm favourite as a bushcraft backup when sometimes you just don't need the longer blade. It performs just like it should, and again takes a beating only even more as this one get used from time to time by my students as they love how a small knife can do so much (size doesn't always matter if you have the technique ).

I'm thrilled to say that I'm now in the market for my third knife from Jason which will be a full sized bushcraft blade for heavier tasks. I have no doubt that it will not disappoint.