Woodsman and Woodsman XL

The Woodsman is built for pretty much anything. Happy when in the camp or out in the field. Made from either 3mm or 4mm o1. Scandi ground with an hour glass handle. The standard Woodsman has a 4" cutting edge and the XL has 5". Change the scales, the fixings etc.  Make it your own!



Starting from £150



The Apex is a great knife that fits the hand like a glove. 4mm o1 with your choice of scales. Small enough to go unnoticed at your side but ready when you need it.



Starting from £90

Neck knives

Everyone has a neck knife these days. I've made these from 2, 3 and 4mm o1. With scales in asian ebony, walnut, G10, micarta etc etc. A very individual but capable knife.



Starting from £50

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